Quick Start Custom Dashboard Solutions

Don’t let the illusions of complexity prevent you from making the best decisions from the information you have!

Dashboards are no longer just for enterprise size organizations. Businesses of all sizes now can benefit from the impact dashboards have on managing sales, revenue, marketing, operations and many other key functions through metrics/KPIs.

If you use spreadsheets, reports, financials or any other data on a daily basis Marvelit’s Quick Start Dashboard Solutions make it is easy to get started! We structure ways for your team to easily upload data directly inputting key information on the fly eliminating duplication.

Quick Start focuses on your key operating data… the information you most need right now. We will have you up and running in weeks not months.

We provide you with a custom layout and your choice of what to display and how you want your dashboards to be structured. We focus on getting your information quickly while structuring your dashboard platform to be ready as you grow. We know from experience that as you use these tools, you will find ways to increase your efficiency buy going deeper into your information. And when you are ready to expand your use, add more information, or create a more detailed or more automated solutions, you are ready to go on with no lost time, duplicated work or wasted expense because you already have your customized dashboard solution to build on!

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Quick-Start Dashboard Solution

  • Low Cost Rapid Deployment
  • 30-40 KPI Displays
  • No IT support needed
  • Fully Hosted Secure Solution
  • Direct Upload Data Linkage