Custom Dashboards & Reports with direct Database Integration

Bring All your Information and Data Together. Process Automation Speeds Action!

You Have All the Data you Need.  Unfortunately it is siloed all over the place…in different programs, systems and desktop spreadsheets.  Marvelit can Help!

Most companies share a major problem: Data silos and non-integrated systems. The cost of system integration is huge, time intensive and resource consuming. Marvelit Custom Integrated Dashboard Solutions pulls together information from all your sources as needed and creates a better way of presenting it making your team more productive.

Fully integrated dashboards speed actions through automated, rules based alerts, triggered emails, all without added staff or IT support!

Integrated dashboards also can allow you to drill down deeper to get to the core of issues and understand your business better.

Marvelit Integrated Dashboard Solutions are built on the foundation of our agile quick-start solutions. While these are more complex and cross functional, we are still able to deliver quick and cost effective solutions. And, your dashboards can either be hosted in our secure facility or installed on your company servers behind your firewall!

We know from experience that as you use these tools, you will find ways to increase your efficiency by going deeper into your information. And when you are ready to expand your use or create a more detailed or automated solution, you are ready to go on with no lost time, duplicated work or wasted expense.

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Integrated – Custom Dashboard Solution

  • Multiple Layers of KPI’s, Metrics and Status Displays
  • Cross Functional Deployment
  • Can be done with a minimum of IT involvement/time
  • On-site or Secure Hosted
  • Deep Direct Data Linkage and Remote Entry