With Marvelit.. You invest.. in solutions not software and staff!

The Marvelit Philosophy:

“Simplicity is our way of doing business”

We believe that business intelligence today has gotten too complicated and crammed so full of “features” and “content”, it defeats it’s primary purpose: Better, Faster Decisions to increase growth. At Marvelit, we create well designed solutions that provide exactly the level of detail needed to create the most value through actionable information.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Have a long-term view and provide actionable use in increments
  • Provide flexible complete solutions
  • Be agile, deliver on-time and on-budget
  • Create clarity and user-friendliness
  • Invest in our customers success
  • Guarantee our work

The Marvelit Solution:

Agile development in the process of creating and maintaining business intelligence dashboards

Marvelit specializes in building user friendly, tightly focused business information solutions for small to medium size businesses, as well as complete in-depth solutions for enterprise level companies. Balancing the information and system to each client’s needs and objectives plus their ability to use it productively.  Ease of use and adoption are the most critical elements to success.

For over a decade Marvelit has developed solutions for small companies, multi-office, remote operating companies, and large national clients with integration into and their databases their customers needs. Marvelit is a team of computer and business systems experts, business intelligence professionals and experienced operational executives with significant hands-on expertise. We provide expert solutions tailored specifically to each client, not fitting clients into a fixed solution.

Marvelit DASH uses a set of custom tools to build and deploy dashboards linked to your data. The DASH platform, once built, can be placed on your internal servers or our hosted highly secured platform. We maintain your structure and update it as your needs change and grow. The DASH platform directly ties to your internal data stores to a pre-selected and structured database, either live in real time or uploaded as your company needs.

How Marvelit Works:

Simple quick steps move you toward a practical working solution, making sure each step along the way is on target

Marvelit has simplified the process of getting you meaningful business information into our action oriented dashboards. We take how you manage your business and what you need, then rapidly build you a solution that turn silos of data into an action oriented visualization of your business. A solution that supports how you manage right now! With full drill down capabilities, you can get to the core of issues quickly and effectively.

We start with an initial deployment package that includes all the organization structure, security administration, data linkage and direct entry needed to get you up and running quickly!

Give us a call to discuss how we can help you.