Our Mission: translate the complexities of business into tools for change

We challenge the status quo by being a conduit that translates business data into an understandable visual business story that leads to better understanding and inspired change.

We help our clients tell their business story with easy to understand visuals via software that translates business data into compelling dashboards.

Our team hears what our clients are saying and picks up the nuances that exist between the lines. We focus on those nuances and deliver software that radically simplifies a business and enables key stakeholders to see the forest thru the trees.

We have three distinct service offerings that execute this mission:

MyMETRICS - Hosted Dashboard Solution

  • Collect Operational Data from Remote Site Locations
  • KPI Scorecards, Any Operational Data Item
  • Data collected Daily, Monthly, or Quarterly
  • Trend Charts, Cross Tab Reports
  • Rollup Sites by Levels
  • Low Cost
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Hosted on Amazon Web Services

DASHPAKS - Custom Dashboard

  • We build a dashboard based on your needs
  • DASHPAKS - Tiered Pricing based on Pages Deployed
  • Enter and/or Import Data, Link to SQL Databases
  • Online Reports, Charts, Email Dashboard Alerts and PDF Reports
  • Hosted on Amazon Web Services or on your site
  • Administration Services post deployment

DASH Developer

  • Build Your Own Dashboard with our Tools
  • Low Cost Annual Subscription
  • Unlimited Users and Servers
  • Visualizations via Fusion Charts
  • Integrated Installer
  • 30 Day Trial Available
  • Low Cost Support Available


Learn how MARVELIT solutions can move your business ahead for less.

If you have a multi site operation and want an easy, low cost solution to track key metrics than MyMETRICS is for you. Eliminate emailing and compiling Excel Spreadsheets.

MyMETRICS is a hosted solution that enables your company to collect and report on any piece of operational data from remote sites. Companies that collect and report on data using Excel are perfect candidates for the MyMETRICS solution.

You define what to capture and sites enter directly into the platform daily, weekly or monthly. You provide a Site structure so you can aggregate data into operational regions or levels. We work with you to set up your questions, answers and sites. User accounts are created and mapped to sites so data can be collected remotely.

A custom home page is built to display your data and additional cross tab and charts are automatically generated. Email alerts can be created to allow managers to be notified of operational exceptions.

Folders are created for each site to allow documents to be shared on the platform. We create document types so documents can be easily searched.

MyMETRICS is perfect for KPI Scorecards, tracking daily operational statistics and any Excel type of data from all of your sites easily and seamlessly!

We charge a low start-up fee and host your dashboard on Amazon Web Services. Pricing is based on the number of sites on the platform.

Give us a call or contact us to see how you can get your MyMETRICS Dashboard built!

Bring All your Information and Data Together by building a DASHPAK custom dashboard.

You Have All the Data you Need. Unfortunately it is siloed all over the place…in different programs, systems and desktop spreadsheets. MARVELIT can Help!

Most companies share a major problem: Data silos and non-integrated systems. The cost of system integration is huge, time intensive and resource consuming. MARVELIT DASHPAK Dashboard Solutions pull together information from all your sources as needed and creates a better way of presenting it making your team more productive.

DASHPAKS are built using DASH, our integrated dashboard platform, that pulls your data together and displays it via FusionCharts and Online Reporting. The full FusionChart library is available to create dashboards that are visually appealing and operationally targeted. Web based reporting and data entry enable collection of additional data points.

We work with you to design the dashboard and determine the number of pages to de developed and price the dashboard based on fixed price Page Tiers. No Surprises or Cost overruns, you pay based on the page tier for your dashboard.

Your DASHPAK is built on Amazon Web Services and can be hosted there or once developed migrated to servers on site .. its up to you!

Give us a call or contact us for a free consultation and DASHPAK quote!

Our platform, DASH, is a development tool that enables the rapid deployment of web based dashboards.

With DASH you can create and deploy a dashboard by directly accessing your data. Developers need to have a working knowledge of Java, SQL, HTML, CSS and XML.

DASH is based on the Apache Jetspeed Portal project. We expanded that platform adding report, chart and form based content portlets. You can create unlimited datasources by connecting to any SQL database via JDBC. Charts are displayed using the full Fusion Charts Library. Custom page decorators are created using standard HTML and CSS.

Pages can be displayed based upon Groups and Roles of users. Subsites can be used to provide multiple URL entry points into the same dashboard on the same server. Alerts can be generated and sent via email with text or PDF attachements.

We charge an annual subscription for the software. You can deploy on as many servers as you like for unlimited users at no additional cost.

Support and Development assistance is available. A DASH subscription enables you to access our best practices and code library to facilitate your development.

Give us a call or contact us to discuss DASH and get a 30 day free trial!


The MARVELIT Philosophy: simplicity is our way of doing business.

We believe that business intelligence today has gotten too complicated and crammed so full of “features” and “content”, it defeats it’s primary purpose: Better, Faster Decisions to increase growth. At MARVELIT, we create well designed solutions that provide exactly the level of detail needed to create the most value through actionable information at the lowest cost.

  • Have a long-term view and provide actionable use in increments
  • Provide flexible complete solutions
  • Be agile, deliver on-time and on-budget
  • Create clarity and user-friendliness
  • Invest in our customers success
  • Guarantee our work

The MARVELIT Solution: agile development in the process of creating and maintaining business intelligence dashboards.

MARVELIT specializes in building user friendly, tightly focused business information dashboards. For over a decade MARVELIT has developed solutions for small to medium size businesses and specific business units of enterprise companies. Ease of use, rapid adoption, quick deployment at a low cost are the most critical elements to success.

We integrate your data into a database and enable you to add additional data points to extend your analytical capabilities. We work with you to understand your requirements and build as we go, enabling you to see results almost immediately. We provide expert solutions tailored specifically to each client, not fitting clients into a fixed solution.

MARVELIT DASH is built on Apache open source software and charting from FusionCharts. The DASH platform, can be placed on your internal servers or on Amazon Web Services. We maintain your application and update it as your needs change. With DASH you focus on your data and needs not technology, MARVELIT is your turnkey service provider focused on your success.

Customers accessing MARVELIT Dashboards